Mayur Aaditya Resort was founded in 2009 by entrepreneur par excellence Mr. Manohar Morey, The Chairman & Managing Director who with his maverick business acumen and enterprising attitude created this enterprise from scratch and with its vision and novel innovations has created an admired empire in the field of food and hospitality industry.

Mrs. Sunanda Morey, the Joint Managing Director, devotes full working time on Mayur Aaditya Resort. With her prompt attentive and qualitative nature, she keeps tab on the day-to-day operations, making the resort a best place to live in.

Mayur Aaditya Resort aims to provide quality, excellent food and great services in food & catering segment. A unique understanding of the culture and communities combined with the collective expertise of an executive team contributing years of experience in the service industry.

Mayur Aaditya Resort is expanding with similar ventures at Belgaum and Mysore.

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Enjoy a special rate for your stay. This rate is inclusive of breakfast.
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